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Opencart extensions

The OpenCart platform is a free website management software. It is focused on online stores and allows you to place products with characteristics, reviews, a large number of delivery and payment options. In 2014, the world saw a new version of Opencart 2.0. It differs from its previous version not only in its adaptive design and user-friendly interface. But also the fact that in the admin panel you can install modules for opencart in a couple of clicks. It is worth noting that extensions for version 1.5 will not work on Opencart 2.0.

Why are modules needed?

A module is a script or several scripts with which you can expand the functionality of the site. It will help introduce new sales opportunities and additional functions for both admin panel users and customers of your online store. At the same time, such scripts are convenient. You don't have to write code and test how it will function. The software developers have already done everything for you. Simply download and install.

But if you suddenly want to change the code, then this is also real. After all, our plugins are not tied to a domain and their code is open. You can buy a paid module once and then install it on a large number of sites or "undermine" the script code to suit your needs.

How to download the extension?

On our site Opencart Modules you can download paid and free modules for opencart. Free positions are available after registration. Paid plugins become available after registration and payment. You simply find the module you need and add it to your shopping cart. After that, you need to come up with a username and password and register on the site. After payment, the plugin can be downloaded in your account.

In addition, we have customer support. If you are unable to understand the settings and install the software, then our specialists will help you solve the problem. For an additional fee, you can not only buy a module, but also get advice on installation. There are also consultations on marketing, development of online stores and setting up advertising. How to contact us? In the lower right corner there is a chat icon through which you can write to our specialists.

What do we offer:

Our catalog contains the best modules for opencart. You can make your online store convenient for both the client and yourself. For example:

  • notify buyers of the arrival of goods;
  • set up a newsletter subscription form and collect a customer base;
  • display delivery methods in the product card and inform customers;
  • integrate the functionality of Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta on your website:
  • Create invoices directly in the admin panel, automatically update the database of cities and departments, automatically update statuses and send them to the client;
  • add smart product filters to the store;
  • enable automatic processing of price lists;
  • install messenger widgets or receive notifications of new orders in Telegram;
  • connect reviews about the store or products;
  • edit the order or the price in the order;
  • offer customers discounts or gifts.

Of course, these are not all ocstore modules that are presented on our website. Templates can also be found in a separate tab. For those who plan to cost the business in debt, we recommend buying paid templates. They are more functional, checked for errors, convenient for the developer and pleasant for the client.

Before buying a paid plugin or template, carefully read which version of opencart the desired module is compatible with. Only after that it can be correctly integrated into your store.

At the moment, there are not so many extensions for Opencart 2.x and 3.x, but we try to regularly add new and useful extensions for online store developers. If you could not find the necessary add-on on our website, please contact support. We may be able to recommend a similar extension or add a new plugin to your catalog.

Simple (Simple registration and checkout) v4.9.7 for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
The Simple module needs no introduction as it is used by 90% of Opencart sites. But for those who are just new to us, Simple is the best module for creating a convenient checkout and registration form. Thanks to him, you can customize the order or registration page absolutely as you like! In additio..
349 грн 289 грн
SimplePars - Universal parser for Opencart 2.x, 3.x
Sale Top selling
SimplePars - product parser for filling your online store on Opencart 2.x, 3.x Works in a very simple and understandable way. First, you set up the parameters, namely, where to get the product from (from which online store, etc.), and then according to what criteria it should get into the catalog of..
349 грн 229 грн
Batch Editor 0.4.8 - batch editing of products for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
It works only with PHP version 7.2+, and to activate it, just go to the module settings and save any data. Do you want to simplify the work with goods? Install the module for quick content editing - Batch Editor . Bulk editing is available right on the page with a list of all products + new features..
349 грн 289 грн
Mega Filter PLUS powered by Mega Filter PRO v.
Sale Top selling
Mega Filter PLUS is an advanced and easy to use filtration system. This allows you to efficiently and quickly search for products, according to the selected search criteria, such as attributes, parameters, filters, categories and many others. Every online store is unique, so MFP offers a lot of desi..
599 грн 299 грн
Module Export / Import to Excel for Opencart is suitable for all versions of CMS. This is the most adequate addition for working with price lists and other data that can be uploaded and downloaded in excel file format (XLS, XLSX). Advantages: Export / import in the most popular format XLS, XLSX; Pro..
LIQPAY for Opencart 3.x
Top selling
LiqPay version available for Opencart 2.x Our administration was very surprised that the developers of the official module did not bother to update their module for the Opencart 3.x version. The second version is getting older and outdated every day, and there is still no main way to make it possibl..
189 грн
Standard checkout from the opencart box is a living hell for the buyer! This problem will no longer be relevant for you after installing this module + Its settings are clear even to an inexperienced user. The module is divided into blocks like in Simple, in which you can add all the necessary fields..
CSV Price Pro import/export for Opencart 2.3 - 3.x
CSV Price Pro import/export is an advanced tool that allows you to bulk export categories, manufacturers, products, options, attributes and images to a CSV file. The CSV file can be edited offline and then re-imported into the database. To activate the module, enter any value in the key field and ac..
399 грн 189 грн
YML\XML Dispatcher v3.0 for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
Module "Dispatcher YML\XML" for Opencart\ocStore version 2.X - 3.0 Designed to connect an unlimited number of suppliers to the IM, providing price lists and product descriptions in YML\XML\CSV format. The most up-to-date description is available on the module's official page:
459 грн 289 грн
Our modification of a very popular CNC builder module called SEO PRO for Opencart 3.0 - it generates links in a readable form and completely removes duplicate pages, which are very numerous in the standard Opencart CNC. In this module, a number of problems with the support of multilingual and multis..
Many vendors provide an export file with their products in YML format. This is especially true when you are selling something through dropshipping. On weak hosting with .yml files that weigh more than 5mb, there may be problems loading. Key Features Import of goods to the online store on Opencart fr..
189 грн
Filterit - Manage shipping, payment and accounting in an Opencart order
Sale Top selling
The best solution for creating different ways for delivery and payment (different conditions, margins, options). Key Features Create simple shipping or payment options; Create markups or discounts (via subtotal lines); Redefining the properties of delivery and payment options for installed delivery ..
189 грн 109 грн
SMS-PRO - Quick SMS registration and authorization for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
One of the ways to increase sales conversion and customer loyalty to the store as a whole is to quickly register and log into your account. This module adds this feature via SMS messages. SMS can be sent through the gateways of all CIS countries, that is, the add-on works for Russia, Ukraine, Belaru..
249 грн 189 грн
Related options for Opencart 3.x
Sale Top selling
Linked Options is the best module for linking one option to another! Imagine a situation where you sell a black and white phone. So the black one has 2 memory options, for example 64GB and 128GB, while the white one has only 64GB. Accordingly, when you click the option with white color, you need the..
259 грн 149 грн
Universal Import/Export Pro v3.7.1 for Opencart 2.x, 3.x
Work module (newest version) Universal Import/Export Pro v3.7.1 for Opencart 2.x, 3.x If you have just started developing the site, we recommend installing this add-on immediately. On a site where many modules are already installed, errors may appear. If you have an error, then write about it in the..
259 грн 149 грн
PrivatBank is one of the few banks that allows you to accept payments on its website without PE, LLC, OJSC (without registering a company). This module will help you with this. All that is required of you: Install Privat24 merchant in CMS Opencart Register a wallet on the Privatbank website in the m..
Add-on "Smart product filter" is included in the assembly of modules required for installation for CMS Opencart. This is one of the most popular filters for the above mentioned online store system. Products can be filtered by the following criteria: Price Category Manufacturer Options Characteristic..
Attribute&co! Attributes made easy! for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
Capabilities Creation of new groups and attributes in the same tree; Drag-and-drop and copy-paste technologies: Copying attributes from one group to another; Transfer of attributes from group to group (group change); Drag-and-drop sorting of groups and attributes within a group; Drag-and-drop adding..
349 грн 289 грн
Few people in the modern WEB do not know what AMP is, but still in a nutshell: This is an opportunity for customers to quickly view the pages of your site, but do not actually go to the site in full. AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) - accelerated mobile pages that can be navigated extremely quickly ev..
189 грн
Reviews with photos and videos for products and store on Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Sale Top selling
The module replaces standard reviews in products with advanced ones with the ability to add photos and videos, likes, comments and a bonus reward system + adds a page with all reviews. Easy to install if asked for key enter 00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 Functional: Adding photos and videos to the re..
349 грн 289 грн
Bulk price management for Opencart 2.x - 3.x
Top selling
Add-on for bulk price management of your products. You can change prices, discounts, markups or promotional prices for products that are assigned to a category, manufacturer or user group. Required module for Opencart Advantages Bulk price change; Work only with the necessary goods; A set of operati..
189 грн
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